Leveraging cloud storage
to help a video game
developer take control

AWS Storage Services
Softcat IN partnership WITH Rubrik CASE STUDY
Working closely with long-term strategic partner, Rubrik, we provided a highly successful video game developer with a cloud storage solution that enabled their team to finally take control of their backups.

Splash Damage is an award-winning British video games developer that specialises in multi-player, first-person shooter games. Despite the studio’s success, however, the team was operating a legacy backup product on infrastructure that required a large investment to refresh, as it was fast approaching end of life.

As things stood, backups were configured to utilise a mixed storage estate, which was fragmenting the protection strategy and making restore operations difficult. What’s more, the backup software was cumbersome, meaning a full-time employee was required to manage and maintain it.

With a 5% year-on-year growth, enabling backup to the cloud was seen as essential for long-term retention of data and to minimise risk. Splash Damage IT Manager, Ben Nelson, commented:
“We challenged Softcat to recommend a modern backup solution that could leverage cloud storage for the evolving requirements of the studio”.

The solution

Splash Damage needed a solution that would reduce the additional £350k spend on storage that the legacy solution required. It also needed to consolidate existing backup technology to achieve efficiencies. With backup data expected to consume 140Tb over the next three years, easy and cost efficient scalability was vital for success – so we called upon Rubrik for support.

Although backup and restore forms a critical part of any IT teams day-to-day responsibilities, Rubrik’s search engine-like interface makes backups and restore activities straightforward, freeing up the Splash Damage team to concentrate on higher value tasks.

Ben Nelson said: “Rubrik has a very easy to use search capability enabling quick restores, so we were really impressed. Added to that is the ability to leverage AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) as a tier for backups giving us the cloud storage scalability we need to match our growth requirements”.


The results


We helped
Splash Damage
on backup over
a 3-year period


This represented a 55%
compared to
upgrading the existing environment


The AWS tier that leverages S3
provided a
long-term retention capability


Future costs
and disruption were avoided with
less physical hardware


The solution also requires
less power
and cooling

“We worked with Softcat and Rubrik to calculate a TCO of the Rubrik solution against doing a refresh of the existing backup technology and it soon became clear that we would save £270k over a 3-year period.”

Ben Nelson, IT Manager, Splash Damage