Softcat is one of the fastest growing IT providers in the UK. We have consistently bucked recent economic trends, seeing our revenues increase by over 25% in the last year alone. For the year ending July 2014 we posted total revenue of £504m. We are still optimistic about the coming year, believing we will continue to see strong growth despite the challenging market conditions.

The company will remain prudent with its cost base, and has unlocked substantial efficiency savings across all aspects of the operation enabling us to further increase profitability and build up significant cash reserves. Softcat is a debt free company. We also have a strong balance sheet, achieving a 3A1 credit rating with D&B.

This strong financial position impacts positively on our customers by enabling us to repeatedly invest in developing the business, whilst solid credit ratings ensure continuity of supply for our customers, essential in underpinning long-term partnerships.

View Softcat's FY2014 financial results press release here

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View Softcat's 3A1 credit rating with D&B (PDF).