Public Sector Partner Alliances

We have established relationships with a range of IT vendors and suppliers not accredited under the frameworks we supply through to enable public sector customers to access exciting new technology, services and IT solutions.

Through these alliances we are able to validate new relationships, offering the robust T&Cs public sector IT procurement requires whilst providing a valuable endorsement of products and services.

If you’re a public sector customer and need the support of an accredited framework supplier to help you procure the technology products or services you need please get in touch.  Similarly, if you’re looking for an accredited partner to make an introduction into the framework process we’d like to hear from you.

Frameworks we’re accredited under:


  • Crown Commercial Service (CSS) CITHS framework 
  • Crown Commercial Service (CSS) G-Cloud iii and iv frameworks 
  • NoE CPC / SBS LINK-IT Hardware & Services framework
  • Pro 5 Software Products and Associated Services
  • Value Wales ITEAS framework


University frameworks:

  • Software License Resellers framework contract 
  • National Server & Storage Agreement (NSSA) partnering with Dell
  • National Networking Agreement (NNA)
  • National Desktop & Notebook Agreement (NDNA) partnering with Lenovo
  • NEUPC's Audio Visual framework contract partnering with Videonations
  • IT Related Parts & Accessories (ITRAP) contract
  • NEUPC National Education Printer Agreement (NEPA) partnering with Brother

Additional Education frameworks:

  • Crescent Publishing Consortium (CPC) Network Hardware & Services including Servers & Data framework
  • Crescent Publishing Consortium (CPC) Desktop, Hardware & Peripherals framework
  • Eduserv frameworks (Microsoft, Adobe and Sophos accreditation)


  • Server and Storage framework